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Basic Information Regarding Parole Board And Pardon Board

Hearings For Victims And Their Advocates Entering Prison Grounds


Security takes precedence in all activities that occur on institutional grounds. Attention to security, in turn, enables the department to provide a safe and orderly environment for staff, inmates, and visitors. While security concerns are the heart of institutional operations, they are also generally outside the everyday reality of persons who enter institutional grounds for Parole Board or Pardon Board hearings. For that reason, we offer you the following information:

Personal identification. Visitors must have appropriate picture identification. Generally, this would be any identification issued by a federal, state, or local government agency. The identification card must include the individual's name and date of birth.

Appropriate dress. This term is most easily translated to mean that visitors shall dress "conservatively", which rules out things like tight fitting, very short, or see-through clothing and other garments that could be viewed as "seductive" in a prison setting (for example, sun dresses, tank tops, and shirts or blouses that do not reach below the waist). Visitors must wear shoes appropriate for street wear. Visitors will not be permitted to enter the facility wearing blue chambray shirts, T-shirts in combination with bluejeans, gray or white sweatshirts, and blue denim jackets, which are standard items of dress for inmates.

Contraband. Contraband consists of items banned from institutional grounds because they somehow threaten safety and security. Major contraband items include weapons, ammunition, alcohol, drugs, explosives and other combustibles, and escape plans. According to La. R.S. 14-402, introduction of contraband onto prison grounds is a felony. If a visitor reaches the front gate and realizes he is carrying contraband, he should declare it to the front gate officers before entering the facility grounds. The following guidelines regarding the control of contraband should be noted:

 Searches. By entering prison grounds, visitors are subject to property and pat-down searches. Property searches include vehicles, purses, coats, jackets, briefcases, and the like. Regulation defines a pat-down search as "a search of a fully clothed person, conducted by a member of the same sex, conducted for the purpose of discovering contraband" A visitor may be asked to empty pockets or purse, and to remove outerwear (i.e., coats, jackets) before being pat searched. In certain situations, other more invasive searches may be authorized under carefully defined circumstances. Generally, visitors will only be subjected to searches upon entering secure areas.

 Presence of children. Generally, children under the age of 13 are not permitted to attend hearings; however, the Parole Board and Pardon Board may make exceptions on an individual basis. Children are subject to being searched as stated above. An adult, preferably a parent or legal guardian, must accompany children under the age of 17.

 Attendance. It is requested that individuals notify the institution's Victim Services Representative of their plans to attend the hearing by the last business day before the hearing; however, it is not required. Any special needs and/or accommodations should also be requested prior to the hearing.

 If you have additional questions or concerns, you may contact the Victim Services Representative of the institution where the hearing will take place. You may also contact the Crime Victim Services Bureau (888-342-6110) with general comments and suggestions for improving this part of the department's operations.



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