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Victims and Citizens Against Crime

"Standing Up For The Rights Of The Victim"

"We are fed up with crime-and we're doing something about it."

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Beverly Siemssen, President

Sanford "Sandy" Krasnoff, Executive Director


We are a non-profit volunteer organization formed to focus, unite, support, provide and regain our rights against all criminal elements that are invading our personal rights as victims and citizens. There is no discrimination with regards to race, social, religious or political affiliation.





  1. Focus on the victim's / citizen's rights, through support for the innocent.
  2. Unite and give strong voice (through action if necessary) to elected officials. We will not accept excuses or inaction anymore.
  3. Support victims / citizens by educating and giving insight into and through the criminal justice system processes, helping to give due justice to the criminal elements.
  4. Provide victims / citizens with the proper information and support about criminal injustice and their rights to pursue and achieve justice through legal action / systems.
  5. Regain the rights to enjoy personal freedom and not live in fear. Reclaim the streets and neighborhoods for the innocent and law abiding.





  1. We don't want you to be among the statistics. Join BEFORE you become a statistic.
  2. Help do something about the problems of crime.
  3. Help do something about the problems within the criminal justice system, creating changes that work for the victims and their families.
  4. Work to have appointed and elected officials responsible and accountable for their actions or inactions. This is the only way we can begin to have the criminals take responsibility and become accountable for their crimes against us.

E-Mailvcac@bellsouth.netfor Individual or Business/Corporate membership applications.


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